Paint With Us And Experience A Colorful Night Out!

We organize hands-on painting experiences in local bars, restaurants and our own studio in Zurich Enge. Our goal is to create a fun and stress-free environment for you to slow down and let your creativity flow. For the moment we offer two types of events:

Guided Painting Events

Guided Painting at our Painting Studio
Guided Painting at our Painting Studio

This is what we started out with in 2016 and these are still our most popular events, especially for “first time” painters. The idea is that you create your own painting under the step-by-step guidance of one of our hosts. Prior experience is not required or expected. The last time you held a brush was in primary school? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Our mission is to help you (re)discover how much fun it is to play with colors and let you feel the joy of going home with your very own masterpiece.

While most people roughly follow the instructions (adding their own character and style!), you are also more than welcome to join these sessions if you want to paint something different.

Tickets & More Information

Learn more about our guided events in our FAQ section or go directly to our upcoming events list:

Next Events & Tickets

All Materials Included in the Ticket Cost
Event Duration: Typically 2.5 Hours
Language: English and German
1 Drink Included with Every Event

Open Painting Sessions

Open Painting Session
Open Painting Session

Our second type of events are open painting sessions at our own studio. These are intended for people who want to paint independently while spending time with like-minded people. At least one of our hosts is always there for inspiration, support or just a second opinion. In contrast to the guided paint events, however, there are no step-by-step instructions.

No registration or tickets are required for these sessions. We offer you the option to buy materials from us (canvases, paper, coloring books) and use our colors for a reasonable fee. You may also bring your own materials, in which case we just charge a small fee for the use of the studio. Our main goal is to turn our studio into a hub where art enthusiasts can meet and build a community. More information and prices are on our studio page.

Dates and times of open painting sessions can be found in our events calendar.

Building a Community of Painting Enthusiasts

We want to make it easier for people in Zurich to spend time with crafty activities and to meet like minded people.  In order to know what kind of activities you would like to see in the future we are open for all sorts of feedback and input. We’d love to hear from you on facebook, instagram or via email.