Paint at Home (Winter 20/21)

Paint At HomeLive Online Workshops & Material Starter Sets

[Für Deutsch bitte hier klicken] Between December 2020 and February 2021 we held a total of 15 live online-classes. For the moment we won’t host any additional live classes but the recordings and starter sets are still available. Please check out all details below.

Video Bundles (No Materials)

Six Videos of Your Choice

You can choose any six recordings from the list below. After purchasing this product, just send us a quick E-Mail with your selection and we will send the links right back to you.
99 CHF

All Videos

Right after purchase, you will immediately receive access to all 15 videos below (7 watercolor, 8 acrylic).
139 CHF

Video & Material Bundles

All Watercolor Videos & Starter Set

All 7 watercolor recordings and a fantastic watercolor starter set (includes 24 colors, 2 brushes, a block of 300 gsm paper with 12 sheet). Free shipping (CH).
149 CHF

All Acrylic Videos & Starter Set

All 8 acrylic recordings and a fantastic acrylic starter set (5x150ml Fleury-Art colors, 6 brushes, 4 canvases (30x40cm), 4 canvas cardboard (30x40cm)). Free shipping (CH).
179 CHF

All Videos & 2 Starter Sets

All 15 Videos and both of the starter sets (1 x watercolor, 1 x acrylic) as described on the left. Free shipping (CH).
299 CHF

Individual Videos: Watercolor

The price per video is: 39 CHF 19 CHF


Artist: OliviaMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDauer: 114 min


Artist: AnaMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDauer: 148 min

Granular Aquarelles

Artist: JankaMedium: AquarelleSprache: SchweizerdeutschDuration: 132 min


Artist: LucMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDuration: 120 min


Artist: OliviaMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDauer: 118 min

Abstract Watercolors

Artist: AnaMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDauer: 124 min

Balloon & Girl

Artist: OliviaMedium: AquarelleSprache: EnglishDuration: 105 min

Individual Videos: Acrylic

The price per video is: 39 CHF 19 CHF

Your Skyline

Artist: LucMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 125 min

Abstract Painting Intro

Artist: AngelikaMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 142 min


Artist: NataliaMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDuration: 118 min

Under The Blossom

Artist: LucMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 126 min


Artist: NataliaMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 135 min

No Drama Lama

Artist: NinaMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDuration: 89 min

Abstract Blending Workshop

Artist: RolandoMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 112 min

Blue Tree

Artist: NinaMedium: AcrylSprache: EnglishDauer: 134 min