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Creativity Workshop Part III : Blending

Mai 16 @ 18:30 — 21:00
CHF 55.00 – CHF 65.00
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Mai 16


18:30 — 21:00




CHF 55.00 – CHF 65.00


English & Spanish


— Künstler / Artist —

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— English —

Enjoy a Fun and Colorful Evening in Zurich!

Creativity Workshop is a painting workshop series to introduce the basic techniques of Modern Abstract Painting. Abstract painting is a wonderful gateway for satisfying artistic expression. You can work with colors, dots, lines, shapes and textures and create a personal visual rhythm in a painting but you can also feel free and work in the intuitive way, gestural, you also can explore all different kinds of techniques.

The workshop series include four sections: Grisaille, Layering, Blending and Sgraffito , at each section you will learn a specific technique which will help you to achieve a new level for your abstract learning process …… on every second Monday, Rolando, our friend, host and artist from Cuba is looking forward to assist you to enjoy this new creative experience. You don’t necessarily need to participate the workshops in sequence. Every workshop is an individual section.

About Today’s workshop – Blending 

Blending is the technique of gently intermingling two or more colors or values to create a gradual transition or to soften lines.

Blending is a great way to create a gradual transition from one color to another and is very useful in creating the finer details.

One of the most common blending methods occurs as you’re applying the paint. For this technique, you will apply a small swatch of each color to the painting, then use your brush to create the desired gradation. It’s a great way to create a very subtle transition.

This event is limited to a maximum of 10 people per session to ensure a calm atmosphere and optimal guidance.

Find more about Rolando’s work here.

Please note: This is not a typical „guided event“. There will be no step-by-step instructions for a particular painting. Instead, Rolando will show you techniques and tricks and encourage you to paint intuitively and freely. Also, this event takes place during our studio opening hours, we might have some open painting guests as well at the other table.

 No prior Painting experience necessary, we’ll provide options for all levels  1 canvas and all Painting Materials Provided and Included in the Ticket Price. Our standard canvas size is 30x40cm, but you can upgrade to another size (e.g. 40x50cm, round 50cm, square 40cm) for 5-12CHF  Additional Canvas available at the studio (15-20Fr, paint incl.)  Language of Instruction: English & Español

This workshop is in English and Español. Dieser Workshop wird auf Englisch und Español gehalten.  If you want to participate in this workshop but prefer a different medium (watercolor, charcoal, etc, …) we can try to arrange for that depending on the group size. In that case, please get in touch with Rolando directly before the event:

— More Artworks by Rolando —