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Special: Wall Macrame Workshop

Dezember 7 @ 13:00 - 16:00

CHF120 - CHF130


Ana Paz

Ana Paz

Artist & Event Host

My story started some time ago in Romania, where I was born in a family of 3 different cultures: Greek, German and Ukrainian. Soon after I had finished my engineering education, I left Romania and I lived in different countries as a global nomad. At some point in my life I had a regular office job and eventually a bore out. I saved myself quitting it and retreating into Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. A 2 year stay in an Ashram followed. This altered not just my worldviews and my beliefs but also influenced the way I express myself in art. I paint with my hands but my feelings, emotions and my intuition are in charge; the hand is just a tool. I never know how a paining is going to look like in the end. It is always a surprise to me.   All I am doing is to stay as much as possible in a meditative, no-thought, neutral state of mind and let the intuition do the work, pick the right color, move the canvas, stroke the brush in the right direction.

„It is my passion and my great honor to invite you to explore the creativity path, broaden the scope of what feels possible and light the way toward a more universally empowered and authentic way of creating.
Ana is also a teacher at the The Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness  (l’Accademia di arte, creatività e consapevolezza) in Italy,  giving art workshops during July 2019. “

— English —

We are thrilled to announce a special craft workshop with Ana Paz (!! Ana is an unique artist from Romania, based in Rehetobel, Appenzell. While having a background in engineering, Ana studied Spanish Philology, travelled around the world and spent 2 years in an Ashram. Somewhere along the way, she fell in love with art and pursued this passion ever since.  Treat yourself with a relaxing timeout and make your very own „Macrame Wall Hanger“ on a lovely Saturday „crafternoon“! 

About the artwork:

Macramé is a textile technique that consists of knotting cords together to make a wide range of objects: from wall decor, flower pot holder, lamps and rugs, candle covers to bags, belts and bracelets. Although it became very popular in the 70’s, it has a much longer tradition and has been known for centuries in many different places all around the world.

During this workshop class Ana Paz will show you the basics of this amazing technique and how to create different items. Macramé is a craft that enables you to create many more products after attending this introductory workshop. You will be able to make beautiful and modern decor items for your home.

You’ll learn a few different knots as well how to create texture and patterns. We’ll be using thick cotton cord for long lasting strength and endurance. There will be the option of decorating your hanger with coloured cord and feathers as well! 

The group will then dive into the creative process; selection of a foraged branch, cutting of rope lengths, and a step by step guide through the formation of different  knot types. 

You will leave the workshop with one unique pieces to adorn your home.

What you’ll get: thick cotton cord to complete your hanging and extra to practice the knots, a beautiful piece of wood to frame your hanging, optional feathers and coloured threads for decoration, snacks, tea and coffee and an everlasting skill!

No prior experience necessary
all craft materials included and the color of the rope will be white.
Language of Instruction: English
Tea & Coffee included.
BYOB („Bring your own beverages“) if you would like to enjoy a beer or wine while painting. Bring your own food if you like, e.g. order a healthy Pizza from Stripped Pizza!


10 verfügbar
Standard (Macrame-12-OCT-2019)CHF 130.00
10 verfügbar
Student/AHV/IV/Kind (Macrame-12-OCT-2019)CHF 120.00


Dezember 7
13:00 - 16:00
CHF120 - CHF130


Bederstrasse 82
Zürich, Zürich 8002 Switzerland

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Ana Paz
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