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NEW Crafting Workshop: Create Candle Holder with Aqua Cast

Mai 20 @ 19:00 — 21:00
PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73
CHF 79.00 – CHF 89.00
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Mai 20


19:00 — 21:00


PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73


CHF 79.00 – CHF 89.00


English & German

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About the Workshop


Dive into the world of Aqua Cast and unleash your creativity by crafting unique trays and holders in this hands-on workshop. Perfect for beginners and craft enthusiasts alike, this workshop invites you to explore the versatile and exciting medium of Aqua Cast. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home decor or craft a handmade gift, this workshop offers the perfect opportunity to create something beautiful and functional.


The workshop is designed to provide a relaxing and inspiring environment for everyone from complete beginners to more experienced crafters looking to try something new. You’ll leave with the skills to continue exploring casting on your own and beautiful, handmade items that are as functional as they are artistic. Join us to discover the joy of creating with Aqua Cast and make something truly special.


About the Material:


Aqua Cast® eco resin is an environmentally friendly fusion of powder and polymer which only needs the addition of water to make beautiful homeware. It can be easily coloured with water based pigments such as resin ink, acrylic paints or mica powders.

  • Environmentally friendly eco resin
  • Perfect for coasters, ornamental vases, planters, candle holders, soap dishes and detailed figurines
  • Easily pigmented using resin inks or other water based pigments
  • Ideal for ceramics & textured art pieces and can be partnered with our art resins when using a mould
  • Excellent reproduction of detail
  • Can be used to create terrazzo pieces
  • High surface hardness and strength
  • Smooth, impact resistant surface
  • Fire protection class 1 (surface spread of flame)
  • High degree of weather resistance for external applications when sealed


What You Will Learn:


  • Introduction to Aqua Cast : Learn about the properties of Aqua Cast, safety measures, and the tools and materials needed for casting.
  • Design and Planning: Understand the importance of planning your design, choosing colors, and selecting additives like deco, colors, or objects to embed within your creations.
  • Mixing and Pouring Techniques: Master the art of mixing Aqua Cast and water in the correct ratios, adding colors, and pouring the mixture into molds without creating air bubbles.
  • Demolding and Finishing Touches: Learn the correct way to demold your creations without damaging them and how to apply finishing touches, including sanding and polishing for a professional look.
  • Customization Techniques: Explore various techniques to customize your trays and holders, such as embedding objects, creating patterns with colors, and using different textures.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues: Gain insights into troubleshooting common casting issues like bubbles, uneven surfaces, and sticky finishes.


✎ No Prior Painting Experience Necessary. If it’s your very first time painting, you might wanna calculate a bit more time to finish the painting. Also, we recommend to skip a detail or two and/or call for assistance when you need!

✎ Step by Step Instructions, but you are always welcome to paint something else!

✎ 1 candle holder  and 1 tealight holder all Painting Materials Provided and Included in the Ticket Price

Medium: Aqua Cast, Premium alcohol ink and resin materials .

Language of Instruction: English & German

Duration of the Event: ca 2hrs


Important: For optimal drying process and avoiding any changes to your painting, we recommend that you leave your artwork in the studio at least overnight and pick it up at later. Alternatively you can also choose our shipping service.

Please note: This event will take place only if at least 5 people sign up 48hrs before the event. In case of cancellation, guests with a ticket will get a notification via email. The ticket can be refunded completely or rescheduled.

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