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Masterpiece on a Grand Scale: Eternal Summer

Juli 21 @ 13:00 — 18:00
PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73
CHF 140.00 – CHF 150.00
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Juli 21


13:00 — 18:00


PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73


CHF 140.00 – CHF 150.00


English & Spanish

Event Category:

Acryl (Motif)


Unleash Your Creativity on a Giant Canvas


Have you ever wanted to paint a large canvas—really large—so you can hang it proudly on your wall and be inspired by it every day as a reminder of your unlimited creativity? Now’s your chance! You’ll paint on a 100×80 cm canvas, the largest size we offer and the biggest you can carry home.

In this workshop, we’ll paint in an impressionist style, allowing free rein to imagination and improvisation. Embrace the fantasy of tachism, where brushstrokes go where your conscience doesn’t expect, but your subconscious delights. Each canvas, receiving stripes of colors and washes, almost acquires its own soul, filled with serene and blissful freedom.

This workshop is designed to release the real painter in you, guided by the muse of inspiration. You’ll paint on the wall, on the floor, and on the table using brushes, spray, and other surprise tools. Get ready to create something truly unique and beautiful!


What you will learn:


  1. Choosing the right colors according with the feedback/feeling you want to receive when you will look at  your painting 
  2. Paint an abstract background
  3. Building complexity layer by layer
  4. How to create a composition and its rules 
  5. Learn how to balance the composition of your painting
  6. How to give the painting an Impressionism touch
  7. Learn how to use different types of sprays for surprising effects
  8. Learn how to paint flowers in a impressionist style
  9. Learn how to create small controlled accidents for unique marks
  10. Deciding when the painting is finished
  11. Tips about varnishing


• No Prior Painting Experience Necessary. If it’s your very first time painting, you might wanna calculate a bit more time to finish the painting. Also, we recommend to skip a detail or two and/or call for assistance when you need!

• Step by Step Instructions, but you are always welcome to paint something else!

• one 100×80 canvas and all Painting Materials Provided and Included in the Ticket Price

• Medium: Premium Acrylic colors by Learn more about the paint here.

• Language of Instruction: English

• Duration of the Event: ca. 5hrs


Important: For optimal drying process and avoiding any changes to your painting, we recommend that you leave your artwork in the studio at least overnight and pick it up at later. Alternatively you can also use our shipping service. If you want to take your artwork home right away, that’s definitely also possible but „at your own risk“ (needs to be transported as horizontal as possible).


Please note: This event will take place only if at least 5 people sign up 48hrs before the event. In case of cancellation, guests with a ticket will get a notification via email. The ticket can be refunded completely or rescheduled.

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