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NEW Creative Workshop: Gelli Plate Magic

Juli 2 @ 19:00 — 21:30
PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73
CHF 69.00 – CHF 79.00
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Juli 2


19:00 — 21:30


PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73


CHF 69.00 – CHF 79.00


English only

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About the Workshop:

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to explore your creativity, experiment with colors and textures, and produce artwork that you’ll be proud to display. Gel printing is not only a fun and rewarding art form but also a meditative process that encourages experimentation and play. Join us for an artistic exploration and leave with the skills and confidence to continue making gel prints on your own.

In this workshop, you’ll dive into the process of gel printing, using a gelatin-like plate to make prints without the need for a press. Gel printing is known for its versatility and the ability to produce stunning, multi-layered results that are impossible to achieve with traditional printing methods. Our artist will guide you through every step of the process, from setting up your materials to pulling your final print.

What to Expect:

  1. Introduction to Gel Printing: Learn what gel printing is and why it’s a unique and accessible form of printmaking. Understand the materials needed, including the gel plate, brayers, paper, and acrylic paints.
  2. Preparing Your Plate: Discover how to prepare your gel plate for printing, including applying paint, creating textures, and using stencils or found objects to add intriguing patterns and depth to your prints.
  3. Layering Techniques: Master the art of layering colors and patterns to create complex, richly textured prints. Learn how to plan your layers for the best visual impact.
  4. Pulling Prints: Get hands-on experience pulling prints from your gel plate, learning how to apply the right amount of pressure to transfer your design onto paper or fabric.
  5. Exploring Creativity with Mixed Media: Explore how to incorporate mixed media elements into your gel prints, including drawing, collaging, and other embellishments to your finished prints.
  6. Finishing and Presentation: Learn how to finish your prints for presentation, including tips on drying, flattening, and mounting your artwork.


This is not a classic PaintEvent for a specific motive with step by step instructions. Instead, our artist will explain this technique in a way that you can create your very own paintings on print papers and, most importantly, be able to ground yourself during this meditative like process and just let your creativity flow.


• No prior experience necessary

• All Painting Materials Provided and Included in the Ticket Price.

• Material: A4 – postcard size printing papers,   all the materials included: Gel plates, we will offer some random prints (portraits and city view etc.), magazines, but you can also bring your LASER prints(black and white)/magazines for the workshop

• Important: For optimal drying process and avoiding any changes to your painting, we recommend that you leave your artwork in the studio at least overnight and pick it up at later. Alternatively you can also use our shipping service. 

• Language of Instruction: English

•Duration of the event: approx.2.5h

Please note: This Event will only take place if at least 4 people signed up online 72hrs before the event. In case of cancellation, we will inform you via email and offer you a rescheduling option or refund your ticket.

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