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Mandala Workshop with Ana Paz

Juni 1 @ 13:00 — 17:00
PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73
CHF 110.00 – CHF 120.00
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Juni 1


13:00 — 17:00


PaintLounge Limmatstrasse 73


CHF 110.00 – CHF 120.00


English & Spanish

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Acryl (Motif)



— English —


The meaning of a Mandala depends on color, geometric elements and culture. The goal of the Mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it symbolizes cosmic and psychic order.

In many spiritual practices, a Mandala represents the entire Universe. In more modern Jungian psychology, the symbol stands for an effort to reunify the self.

The “sacred circle” of the Mandala is found throughout nature and in most aspects of our lives. The universe is permeated with circles and spirals – from the plants, the sun and its orbital/spiral nature, the cycle of the seasons, flowers, seeds, trees, and so much more – even down to the cell itself and the orbital nature of the atoms.

Drawing and painting your Mandala is about connecting with your inner being and letting yourself guided by whatever wants to get into the light.

Designing your own Mandala is a beautiful way of entering an altered state of consciousness. Benefits include an increased sense of wellbeing, calmness, clarity, emotional stability, wholeness, creativity and understanding. Mandalas are also said to carry their own special kind of vibrational energy. Therefore, they can be used for the enhancement of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Additionally, it is said that the Mandala has a healing energy that it gives off and can be measured 10 feet out. Many people state, “I don’t know what it is – I just feel a calmness in looking at this (Mandala).” Perhaps that is the part of connection to “wholeness” within. Some Mandalas are specifically for the ‘concentration‘ or ‘focus‘ on them – a form of meditation, which is, once again, for the quiet and healing aspects that come from reconnection to one’s true Self.

Learning how to draw your own Mandala is a deeply absorbing, meditative practice. Not only does it unleash your inner artist, but creating your own Mandala can produce deeper insights into your life.

Learn how to let go of preconceived ideas about what your Mandala is supposed to look like, and simply allow your intuition and curiosity to lead the way.


  • Drawing and Painting, use the Compass /Zirkel, Create Patterns, choose colors

  • Learn how to start end develop a Mandala design

  • Learn how to apply golden leaf on your Mandala/paintings

  • Connect with body, mind and spirit before we start painting

  • Explore the intention behind your Mandala

  • Express your feelings and emotions through symbols

  • Create your personal and unique meditation tool

This is not a typical „guided event“. There will be no step-by-step instructions for a particular painting. Instead, Ana will show you some techniques and tricks and encourage you to paint intuitively and freely.


•No prior Painting experience necessary

•1 canvas (35x35cm) and all other painting materials are provided and included in the ticket price.

• Additional canvases & paint are available at the studio (15-30CHF per canvas)

• Do you like shiny things? We’ve got pearly, silver, copper and golden acrylic Paint!

• Among other mediums, we use premium acrylic paint by

• Language of Instruction: English

Please note: This event will take place only if at least 4 people sign up 48hrs before the event. In case of cancellation, guests with a ticket will get a notification via email. The ticket can be refunded completely or rescheduled.

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