Maryam Adeel Munir

From a very early age, my parents recognized my interest in art, however, my training as an artist started from the high school. With the passage of time, my interest in art evolved and I did a degree in MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) with majors in Painting from the University of Punjab, Pakistan.

I have experimented with various mediums of Visual Art (painting, sculpture, printmaking etc.) but painting has always been my preferred medium of expression. Using my brush, I learnt to express my thoughts on canvas.

I have actively participated in various group exhibitions in Pakistan. I relocated to Dubai in 2009 and started my journey as an art instructor. I led many art workshops and participated in various painting exhibitions. After moving to Zurich in 2017, I continued leading art workshops and art commission work. I love painting the beautiful scenic views of Europe especially Switzerland. Life is a journey for me. Travelling, meeting people of various ethnicities and living in a multicultural environment helped me evolve my perception, my artistic ideas and my palette. I want to take people with me on this creative journey and help them evolve and share the learning.

As an art instructor, my goal is to help people express themselves with colors and help them enhance their artistic skills.