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What is Alcohol Ink?

Alcohol ink is a “fluid art” technique that can be used to create fascinating visual effects and magical dreamscapes. Together with Janka Stemmle, we have been offering alcohol ink workshops in our studio under the name KOSMIC since 2019. With this online workshop and starter-set we would like to enable you to discover this technique at home.The special thing about Alcohol Ink is that a painting can be processed further bit by bit by adding alcohol. The highly pigmented ink reacts with the alcohol on the special synthetic paper allowing completely new bright colour nuances to be created. The ink is being moved on the surface by brush strokes, air and gravity until the composition is coherent to you. The surface can also be sprinkled with pure alcohol again and again, creating shapes that remind of the cosmos.

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Get Inspired by Janka’s Experience

Janka Stemmle is an artist from Zurich and has been experimenting with various abstract techniques for several years. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts and a two-year stay abroad, among others at the School of Art in Barcelona, she has created and exhibited several art projects as an independent artist. Since 2018 she has been hosting workshops for abstract painting at PaintEvents: marbling, fluid painting with acrylic and alcohol ink, based on her own works Marble, Afloat and Kosmic.For all her past art projects, Janka and the video producer Girts Apskalns created video works of the artistic process as being part of the artwork and presented it at the exhibitions. So with the two creative professionals Janka and Girts we have found a real dream-team for the production of this online workshop.

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A Complete Online Course for Everyone

In this online workshop you will learn everything you need to know to make your first own creations with alcohol ink. After an introduction, the video will guide you step-by-step through the materials and various techniques. You simply press pause at any time and try it out directly at your own pace. Including the time you need to create your own paintings, one session lasts 2 to 3 hours. During this time you create about four of your own paintings. At the end of the video there are some tips on framing your work and some more background information about the artist.

  • Video to stream or download (two versions: Swiss German & English)
  • The video can either be purchased separately or including the carefully designed starter-set. The set contains exactly the same materials that Janka explains and uses in the video.

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A Carefully Designed Starter-Set to Get Started Immediately

We have put together a starter set that is perfectly matched to the online course and contains everything you need to get started. It is personally put together by Janka and the PaintEvents team in Zurich and delivered to your home free of charge. It consists of over 40 individual parts:

  • 7 alcohol inks (black, white, red, blue, yellow, gold, silver; 14ml each)
  • 35 sheets of Yupo paper (10xA4 and 25xA5)
  • 5 Touchnew markers on alcohol basis
  • 250 ml ethanol
  • And 15 other useful components. All details can be found on the product page.

Das Set reicht also gut für 3 Sessions und bis zu 35 Bilder!Neu ist diese Set nur noch über unseren neuen Online Shop verfügbar.