Guided Painting

The prices of our guided painting events can generally be placed into one of the following categories.

PricesEvent TypeDescription
from 55 CHFGuided PaintingClassic PaintEvents, guided & assisted by an artist; Duration: 1.5-2hrs
from 65 CHFGuided Painting (special)PaintEvents guided & assisted by an artist, special materials, unique events (e.g. Painting & Wine Tasting) or duration of 2.5-3hrs
from 75 CHFMaster-WorkshopsSpecial techniques, materials and/or guest artist; Duration: 2.5-4hrs

Materials are always included in the ticket price.

Please note that these prices apply to events in the painting studio “Die Staffelei Zürich”. PaintEvents in restaurants and bars have an additional cost of 4 CHF while a drink (up to 8 CHF) is included.

Discounts: Students, Children (<18 years), AHV recipients or people with a Kultur-Legi may purchase tickets at a reduced price of 10 CHF less.

Loyalty cards: For guided painting events (from 45CHF, 55CHF), you can collect stamps with our Frequent Painter Cards. When your card is full, you can redeem your card for a store credit of 55CHF. These cards never expire! Half full cards from different guests cannot be accumulated.

Open Painting

The cost for our open painting sessions depend on the material that you use.

  • Tea & Coffee are complimentary.
  • Students, Children (<18 years), AHV recipients or people with a Kultur-Legi receive 5 CHF Off on any (*please see exclusions below) acrylic or watercolor “Paint In” prices. 


Canvas Size(cm)“Paint In” (all incl.)“Paint In” (Bring Your Own Paint)“To Go” (Shop)
Rund 50352716
Rund 30332514
Rund 25312312



Paper Size“Paint In” (incl. Paper & Paint)“Paint In” (Bring Your Own Paint)


You have your own canvas?

Use our paint and brushes for 18 CHF per session.

You want to bring all of your materials?*

You can use our space and aprons for 12 CHF per session (incl. Tea & Coffee).

You want to continue your painting during another session?*

That’s 12 CHF per session (incl. Tea & Coffee). You may temporarily store your painting at our studio.

You want to design your own postcard?*

We have a lot of different materials. Prices range between 7-10 CHF per card, depending on the materials.

You want to relax with a coloring book or mandala?*

We have a lot of great options. Prices range between 7-13 CHF per page (incl. use of color pencils & tea & coffee).

We also have Chalk Painting, Body Painting, Charcoal Painting, Kohle, Oil Pastels, etc  – just ask!

Is PaintLounge an art (supply) shop?

Not really, but we do have some old paintings for sale at PaintLounge. Some of them are based on donation (min. donation 5-15CHF) that will go to a children’s village in Kongo, organised by our friends from BUMI.  We also have artworks of our PaintEvent’s hosts, they are between 50 and 300CHF.

Paint: At the moment, we don’t sell acrylic paint. But we can recommend, among other art supplies, they provide premium acrylic paint and the delivery is fast and free.

Canvas: See table above.

Watercolor: Set of 72 colors Marie’s Watercolors, 79CHF

Watercolor paper 200-300g A4 or A3: 15-35CHF

Table easel black: 12CHF