Terms and Conditions

This English translation is for information purposes only. In case of deviations between the German version of the terms and conditions and this translation, the German version is definitive.

1. Applicability of These Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to any product or service transaction between PaintEvents.ch GmbH (in the following referred to as PaintEvents) and a customer (end-consumer or corporate customer). This specifically also includes the purchase of event tickets, vouchers and products from www.paintevents.ch. With the purchase of any product or service from PaintEvents or with the verbal or written acceptance of an offer (e.g. for a bespoke event), the customer accepts these terms and conditions. 

2. Business Address

PaintEvents.ch GmbH, Bederstrasse 82, 8002 Zürich, Schweiz

3. Contact

PaintEvents can be contacted via Email at info@paintevents.ch 

4. Products and Services

PaintEvents offers the following products and services:

  1. Painting and drawing classes and similar events in the domain of arts and creativity (e.g. T-Shirt designs, crafts, etc). Private customers purchase admittance to the events either through the purchase of a ticket (see “5. Event-Tickets”) or by redeeming a voucher (see “6. Vouchers”).  Events for corporate customers are based on the acceptance of a written offer created by PaintEvents for the customer. Additional terms and conditions may be stipulated in this offer that will complement or overwrite conditions in these general terms and conditions. 
  2. Consumer products related to the events (i.e. arts and crafts supplies). These may be sold via www.paintevents.ch or directly at an event. 

5. Event-Tickets

  1. Participation at an event requires the prior purchase of a ticket either directly from PaintEvents or via a partner. 
  2. The ticket gives the owner the right to participate in the event listed on the ticket (on the date and time listed on the ticket). Rescheduling to a different event is only possible in accordance to the conditions in paragraph “5.5 Rescheduling”.
  3. PaintEvents reserves the right to cancel events if the number of participants is below a certain minimum. This is regulated according to paragraph “9. Minimum Number of Participant”. 
  4. All tickets prices include VAT.
  5. Re-Scheduling: We offer free re-scheduling to a different event of the same price catefory up to one week before the event. After this, re-scheduling is possible up to 48 hours before the event for a fee of 10 CHF. Re-scheduling requests received between 48h and 4h before the event are subject to a fee of 20 CHF. Re-schedule requests received later than 4 hours before the event unfortunately cannot be granted. Re-scheduling request need to be made via: www.paintevents.ch/en/reschedule/
  6. Cancellation: Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable.

6. Vouchers

  1. These conditions apply to vouchers purchase directly from PaintEvents. Vouchers purchased from third parties (e.g. Dein Deal) are subject to the terms and conditions of the this party. 
  2. The pruchase of a voucher gives the owner of the voucher the right to the product or service named on the voucher. In case a voucher specifies a cash CHF value, it gives the owner the right to redeem this for any product or service of the same value. 
  3. If the holder of a voucher redeems it for a product or service of lower value than the voucher value, the remaining value can be redeemed for further products or services at a later date. If the holder of a voucher redeems the voucher for a product or service that has a higher value than the voucher value, the customer needs to pay the difference. 
  4. Vouchers are transferrable. 
  5. The value of each voucher can only be redeemed once.
  6. Depending on availability, vouchers can be delivered electronically via PDF or physically via post. For physical vouchers additional cost for packing and shipping may apply. 
  7. Vouchers are issued without VAT. If applicable, VAT applies once the voucher is exchanged for a product or service.
  8. Redeeming Vouchers: Vouchers can be redeemed via Email (info@paintevents.ch) or, if they contain a code, directly on www.paintevents.ch as a form of payment. Once a voucher is exchanged for a ticket the conditions set-forth under “5. Event-Tickets” apply.
  9. Validity: Vouchers are generally valid for 3 years starting from the date of purchase. 

7. Use of the Online Shop

Tickets and vouchers are sold via the online shop of PaintEvents. Payment is handled via industry standard secure connections directly via the payment handler. PaintEvents never stores any payment information on its servers.

8. Minimum Age

Depending on the nature of the event a certain minimum age may be required (e.g. nude painting workshops). However, most events are not subject to any age restrictions. For events held in the evenings, we recommend a minimum age of 16 for unaccopmanied participation. In company of an adult, children may participate in any event (exception: age-restricted events). 

9. Minimum Number of Particpants

  1. PaintEvents reserves the right to cancel events if the number of registered participants is below a certain minimum. Unless otherwise stated this minimum number is 5 people. 
  2. If this number of registrations is not reached 72 hourse before the event, PaintEvents will typically cancel the event. 
  3. If PaintEvents cancels an event, the customer will be offered the following options. 
    • The value of the original ticket may be exchanged for a voucher that can be exchanged for any other event. 
    • The customer can choose a full refund (either via the method that was used to purchase the ticket or via bank transfer). 

10. Deviations from the Service-Description and Cancellations by PaintEvents

  1. PaintEvents reserves the right to minor deviations from the original service description of the event. Minor deviations include (but are not limitted to) the change of the instructor, the change of the event location up to 3 km, the change of the event time by up to 1 hour. Such changes will be communicated as early as possible. 
  2. For major deviations of the servce description (e.g. change of time by more than 1 hour or change of location by more than 3 km) or in case of very short notice of any changes, the customer may request a full refund or an exchange for a voucher. 
  3. PaintEvents reserves the right to cancel events for any other important reasons (e.g. sickness of the instructor or higher powers). PaintEvents ist berechtigt Events aus wichtigem Grund auch kurzfristig ausfallen zu lassen (z.B. Krankheit oder höhere Gewalt). In such cases, the customer may request a full refund or an exchange for a voucher. 

11. Language of Instruction at the Events

The language of instruction of events is specified in the event description. Many events are held primarily in English. Depending on the languages spoken by the instructor(s) support in other languages is also provided. Some events are held only in English or only in German – please refer to the event description before purchasing a ticket. 

12. Photo and Video Recordings

PaintEvents will occasionally take photos or make video recordings during the events that may include the participants and/or their work of art. When purchasing an event ticket the customer agrees that PaintEvents may use such photos or videos for advertisement purposes. Customers may revoke this right orally or in writing – in this case PaintEvents will honor requests by deleting the photo or video in question.

13. Website Content

All contents of the this website may be subject to changes or errors. 

14. Disclaimer

Shall any individual paragraph in these terms be rendered ineffective by any other laws or regulations, the validity of the other paragraphs remains. 

15. Jurisdiction und Contract Language

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland. The language of the contract is German. English Terms and Conditions are provided for information purposes only.