Mini Master: Art Based Playgroup for Kids (weekly sessions)

We’re super excited to offer these new workshops for young children (groups for 3-5 and 5 – 8 year olds) with the super kind and experienced Shima. Get an idea of Shima’s work with kids at her Instagram @creatilily.

Mini Masters - Art Based Playgroup for Kids
Mini Masters – Art Based Playgroup for Kids

New in Zurich – Creative and Fun Activities for Young Kids!

We are always thinking why children enjoy a good messy painting experience so much? Because this process allows them to express themselves in a free way, to communicate their emotions and feelings, to explore their talents and specialties.




Mini Masters are a series of art workshops, designed for small children with big ideas so they can explore art techniques in a fun playful manner and bring their inner artists into action with the use of conventional art material like paint and paper, unconventional material such as dolls and toy cars or even natural material like leaves or branches. These elements of surprise make each workshop a unique experience, giving the children the opportunity to be looking forward to something different to engage with at each and every workshop.

The main concept of Mini Masters is based on Process Art, in which the goal is to explore and widen one’s artistic experience without focusing on the final product. In other words the process itself is considered an art form. This makes Process Art suitable for any age or sets of skills.

  • We currently have to groups: one for kids 3-5 years of age and one 5-8 years.
  • Attendance of parents is possible but optional.
  • You can find all DATES in our event calendar (click here) and book individual sessions directly through the event page.
  • Alternatively you can buy a multiple pass for 6 session at this link (for the price of 5 individual session).
  • All Painting Materials Provided and Included in the Ticket Price. All material we use are safe for small kids.
  • Language of Instruction: German (Shima also speaks English)
  • Duration: ca. 1 h
  • First visit? Use the code TRYMINI to get 10 CHF off your first session.